Project: Rapid Implementation

Build tools that can drop in, bolt on, and fire up in short order... and which make implementations easier and quicker.  We call this the Zipics Suite!

Years of being in the trenches with consultants, users, and management left us with a laundry list of tools we wish we had available to us at critical times.

When we finally had time to develop such tools it made more sense to build a framework into which several mini-tools could be plugged.  We now have a windows-based, web-enabled, mobile-capable suite of apps that perform useful tasks such as:

  • zipETL: easy to install, easy to learn, yet capable integration
  • zipVIZ: easy to install, learn, and configure mobile-capable visualizations for enterprise data
  • zipDB:  on-the-fly creation of mini-databases... great for collecting test data or building interfaces during design and early implementation
  • zipDataGen: on deck for development, zipDataGen interfaces to an existing tool we've built that generates large or small amounts of random but representative data for Demantra
  • zipPAX: our parallel execution architecture for reducing the time of very large SQL jobs will soon have a mobile front end