Who we are

Consultants, Architects, Integrators, Gurus, Problem Solvers ...

We've been called a lot of things on a lot of projects.  Our collective experience in Demantra, as well as a large variety of other technologies, allows us to provide a positive impact to any Demantra project, regardless of its lifecycle or current state.

We provide top tier consulting services centered on Oracle Demantra software and are fully capable of successfully implementing Demantra from the ground up, upgrading or improving an existing implementation or even saving projects that have derailed.

Our founders, partners and core team members have been working within the Oracle Community for 15+ years and have been working with the Demantra software since its inception.  We have experience with every major release of the software.  Our expertise, communication and commitment to delivering solutions provide a solid foundation for success.



Our History

1998 -
Founded by several experienced consultants formerly of Numetrix (through whom Demantra entered the market).  Offering Systems Integration, Numetrix Application Support services, and Oracle Database Administration (DBA) services.
2001 -
Corporate focus directed exclusively on Demantra related implementation and process consulting.
2003 -
Partnered with Demantra to provide consulting and development services to their end-customers and internal teams, in addition to our own direct clients.
2006 -
Refocused on customers requiring the highest level of Demantra expertise such as massive software upgrade of 8 Demantra models as large as 1 TB in size for 20th Century Fox. Often partnered with other Demantra Services firms to provide "Expert" level resource augmentation to their engagements.
2009 -
Began development of RapidTool to improve Demantra software's Chaining and Member Management functions.
2011 -
RapidTool reaches maturity and is deployed with multiple global CPG companies.
2013 -
Initial development of the Zipics Suite of tools to aid Demantra implementations and customized solution development where applicable.
2014 -
Focused on introducing Zipics and RapidTool to the Demantra and Oracle VCP community while continuing to provide world class Demantra Consulting services.

The Best of Professionals

Member: Robert Kornegay


Member: Allan Barnard


Member: Brian Keating


Member: Margaret Ho