Project: Creative Upgrades

Creative, mass upgrades!

Today Oracle has brought some consistency to the Demantra upgrade process.

In the past there were often hundreds or even thousands of manual changes that would need to be made to the official upgrade process so that an existing, older implementation could be advanced to the current version.

For a large distributor of digital media (movies, games, music), and some of the largest Demantra instances anywhere in the world, we wrote code that altered the upgrade code.  There were thousands of changes to make to the stock upgrade code... so we wrote code to correct the code!

Further, a specialized parallel-execution-architecture was developed to run very large scale database-to-database updates to keep the test systems in sync with actual production instances.

As a three-man hit-team, we did in 6 months what had been predicted to take 12 to 18 months by other providers.