Question 5: Can my company benefit from RapidTool?

  • Demantra must associate a PRODUCT and a CUSTOMER in order to generate a forecast.
  • If you rarely change product names or the associations between PRODUCTs and CUSTOMERs then you are unlikely to engage in copying history (chaining) or altering associations (member management).
  • On the other hand, if you regularly change PRODUCT names (SKU names) and have to copy dozens or hundreds of combinations worth of sales history to a new set of combinations, then RapidTool will be of enormous benefit.
  • Equally, if you regularly assign PRODUCTs to new LOCATIONs due to changes in internal distribution centers (DCs), company acquisition, or sales expansions, then RapidTool will be of large benefit for member management.
  • The native Demantra ability to perform demand-history-chaining or member-management is cumbersome and not repeatable.
  • Rapidtool is browser-based and relatively easy to train.  More importantly, all actions can be saved as a script and then be tested in DEV and repeated quickly in TEST or PROD.