Question 3: Should we combined related VCP projects?

  • A typical question might be:
    • "If we are planning to implement Demantra and ASCP, which should we implement first?"
  • While there is no hard and fast answer, a guiding question might be:
    • "Are you currently feeling more pain on the supply side or the the demand/forecasting side?"
  • If your existing supply side systems (inventory, production) are operating reasonably well then you would do well to implement Demand Managment (Demantra) first.  The forecast and potentially the safety stock generated by Demantra can and should be used later to feed the supply side application (ASCP).
  • If your existing demand/forecast systems are operating well and the supply side is problematic then implementing the supply side apps first (ASCP) would be a good choice.
  • Note that if your operation is already Oracle-centric and you have EBS then ASCP will already be available as part of the suite; it would need to be configured.
  • If your operation is NOT Oracle-centric then it can be easier to start with Demantra insofar as it is more "standalone" than ASCP and can be more easily fed with data.