Customer Care

We are both consultants and owners.  Our success depends on yours and we are here to help!

Road warriors all, we provide support on-site and remote support for both initial implementations and day-to-day operations after go-live.

Road warriors and virtual warriors:

We've all been on the road for years providing on-site support for clients around North America and in some cases around the world.

We will be on-site when required and make effective use of remote access and tools when sensible.

Committed to our clients' needs and working onsite and remote across several time zones, we are available during standard business hours and make ourselves available when required at almost any hour.

Typical support efforts include:

  • Business process and operational issues
  • Technical data, integration, and configuration issues 
  • Herding Oracle S.R.s through completion
  • Creative solutions (Workarounds when you've been told something can't be done).