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Expert Demantra solutions of ALL modules (DM, S&OP, PTP and DSM)

Cheshire Technology brings 15+ years of Oracle Demantra design, implementation, training, and custom tool development to every engagement.

Our extensive experience is augmented by an ability to develop new bolt-on applications to simplify and enhance Demantra functionality.  Deep systems integration skills combined with application development skills have allowed us to develop specific tools to add efficiency to Demantra implementations and operations.

Our applications are low-risk / high-value bolt-on applications; they plug into a standalone virtual PC quickly and interact safely with your Demantra model and environment.  Our tools reduce implementation costs by allowing many tasks to be performed faster and be more easily maintained by local I.T. staff over the life of the solution.

Tools in our arsenal include:

  • A proven design, CRP1, CRP2, and Go-live methodology with accompanying documents

  • Training methods, documents, and experience

  • ZipETL enables data to be utilized more quickly when an implementation is young and formal systems are often not yet established

  • RapidTool enables mass action against Demantra data (reducing planner time consumption and improving model operation)

  • Capability and familiarity with interfaces to other Oracle and Oracle VCP products