One app to bind them...


Browser and mobile applications providing quick ETL, data visualization and more!

A common challenge at the beginning of large implementations is that some necessary tools are often not properly in place and available to the consulting team (e.g. ETL tools)

The result is that consultants spend undue time integrating raw initial data so that it can be viewed in early versions of the developing model.

This is a doubly negative in that the initial data tends to be dirty and incomplete and the model is under change, which requires the manual integration to be regularly changed and re-executed.

Having affordable, quickly-installed, easily-used tools available at the outset of a project can greatly improve the experience for all, reduce frustrations, and reduce costs.

Insofar as we had several solution concepts we decided to built a framework into which we could plug several solutions without having to install them separately.

So we built an web-enabled application framework that can operate entirely in a local private cloud or be made available externally to team members (subject to appropriate access and data security measures).

The framework is known as “Zipics” and each application within it is known as a “mini-app”.